Louisa Thomas

24. female. can design, pattern cut, sew and draw, paint, mend, screenprint, knit and make jewellery. Learning how to drive, use wood and sheet metal.

likes comic books, mens shoes, the V&A, roses, lemurs, swing dance, cooking, london, the national geographic, music videos, history, Gin ect ect ect

Costume/Fashion influence
Eiko Ishioka , Edith Head, Vivienne Westwood, Beatrix Aruna Pasztor, Coco Chanel, Victor and Rolf, Sandy Powell, Alexander McQueen, Mary Zophries, Alexandra Byrne, Robert Kalloch, Rodarte, Madeline Fontaine, Hussein Chalayan, Karen Patch, Chloe….

Art/Illustration influence
Jan Fabre, Mike Mignola, Egon Shiele, James Jean, Oskar Kokoshka, Lorraine Fox, Hans Holbein, Joy Ang, Adam Hughes, Tim Walker, Arthur Rackham, Norman Rockwell, John Singer Sargent, Jamie Hewlitt, Frank Quietly, Jon Cassaday, P J Lynch, Albecht Durer…

Lives in Greater London (south-ish) CV available on this site. For a more detailed version request via: vincetveritas@gmail.com


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