Letters of recomendation

Nik Powell, Director, National Film and Television School http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0694252/

“We were extremely impressed with Louisa’s work, particularly on Jamie Stone’s digi fiction ‘Sh-Boom’ and his graduation film ‘Skyborn’ here at the National Film and Television School. The costumes are an integral part to the story and Louisa produced extremely professional results in both cases. We are very proud of both productions and regularly showcase them as examples of the student’s work. Louisa is a clear young talent and would really benefit from a skillset traineeship.”

Nik Powell, Director, National Film and Television School

Ian Sellar is a Senior Tutor Directing at the NFTS. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0783279/

In her costume design work on a variety of films ant the National Film and Television School Louisa Thomas has shown an ability to align a wide range of skills to effectively tie in with the logistics of the production process. Her strong research and immagination have aligned very effectively with a practical understanding of materials, an ability to organise her work, and deliver costume which have more than answered the brief.

Myf Hopkins, Producing Tutor, National Film & Television School


Louisa has created costumes for several National Film & Television School films on which I have been a tutor and her work has made a huge contribution to the visual impact of these films.

Louisa has a natural ability to understand what a director is looking for and then brings her own creativity and skills to convey this in a unique and interesting way. In particular on “Skyborn”, she created costumes that perfectly complemented the futuristic fantasy world that the Production Designer and Director were creating. For “Bird World” she built technically complex costumes which realistically transformed human actors into birds for this rotoscoped animation.

Louisa is hard working and has been consistently professional in her work both on and off set. She is a reliable team player who forms strong working relationships and is a cheery personality on set.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to you as a trainee as I believe she possesses great talent and the potential to forge a very successful career in the Costume Department.

Arthur Mulhern Cinematographer

Since 2010, I have worked with Louisa Thomas on a number of film projects, including music videos, animation and short dramas. I have always found her to be professional, hard working and highly capable. She approaches each project with enthusiasm and diligence, and is always eager and willing to collaborate. Louisa is very creative in her approach to her work; she has a strong visual sense and invests a high level of artistic input into projects. She also works very well within a film crew and has excellent interpersonal skills. She is very conscientious when it comes to working with actors, and goes to great lengths to make sure that they feel comfortable and relaxed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Louisa for any project. If you should require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Arthur Mulhern Cinematographer

Len Rowles – Producer

I first met Loui in May 2010 when she worked as Costume Designer on our Music Video ‘Make The bed’ for Scottish Singer/Songwriter Tommy Reilly. As well as styling the artists, Loui created a giant ‘duvet castle’ out of t-shirt material that was draped over the set. The Music Video has since been screened on all major music video channels including MTV and Scuzz and is still available online. She stayed up all night for a week stitching the giant patchwork – a fact we only found out after the event.

In August 2010 I brought Loui on to my UK Film Council short, half animation half live action ‘Hally Walls’ directed by BAFTA winner Sally Pearce. Despite a challenging turnaround, Loui sourced and made an exquisite array of ‘hyper real’ costumes to fit the films graphic style, on an extremely tight budget. The film has gone on to gain 2nd Place at teh Chcage International Animation Festival.

In January 2011 Loui was then the Costume Designer on 2 x Scottish BAFTA winner Jamie Stone’s NFTS digital fiction film, “Sh-Boom” which was screened at the film school’s BAFTA Stars of Tomorrow event in November 2011. The film opens with a bride on fire running through a post apocalyptic wasteland. Loui worked with the Stunts and Special Effects department to create the ‘hero’ dress, which needed to be made out of specific materials for Health and Safety. The rest of the film was shot in a dumpster bin. Regardless of the restrictions of what you could see, Loui managed to portray character in her costumes that added enormously to the story. As always she accurately detailed the ‘post fire’ costumes with dirt etc to give a beautifully realistic finish to her work.

In May 2011, Loui was the Costume Designer on our Rotoscope animation film Bird World, directed by Alastair McColl.This was a crucial role: we shot the film in live action first and combined this with complex CG set designs. Loui led a series of important movement tests wit the Director to establish what kind of performance we needed the costumes to provide for the animators. She then designed and made 8 full scale bird costumes (from a sparrow to beautiful bird of paradise) and 15 bird heads for the actors, and altered them as we went through the shoot to adpt to the directors demands. As always we were blown away by Loui’s dedication to the brief and the way she uses her imagination to contribute invaluably to the production; her work influencing both the action and the set design.

In August 2011 Loui was the Costume Designer on our latest film, ‘Skyborn’ which is about a father and son stranded in a foggy wasteland 300 years in the future, who are building a flying machine to see above the clouds. With this brief, the costume design was extremely important as it needed to portray that they were hunter gatherers, in the future, and that they were drawn to certain aspects of the land which feeds into their mythology. It also was shot entirely in fog, which meant that the costumes had to be bold and create interesting and recognisable silhouettes. Loui created a spectacular wardrobe for both characters, stitching together a variety of textures and fabrics, detailing everything by hand so it looked like it’d been pieced together over the years. It fitted perfectly with the landscape. Loui is highly aware of the texture and sounds costumes contibute to the atmosphere and also pioneered one character’s ‘music hat’; the inside of a music box attached to a cap which added.

Louisa was also the Costume Designer on THEA 3D, the NFTS’ first 3D film made in conjunction with Paradise FX Europe. The film is about a woman with X Ray vision and as always Loui’s costumes perfectly fitted the tone of this romantic comedy. If you would like to see Skyborn, Thea and Bird World on the big screen, we will happily invite you to the NFTS Grad Show.

In December 2011 Loui Costume Designed my latest advert for HMV and Kodak, called HMV ‘Time Traveller’. This shoot had a week turn around, but had the added restriction that since the film follows the HMV dog travelling through time periods, the audience had to gauge the time frame from the waist down only. Loui managed to style scenes from the 20s, 40s, 80s and 00’s clearly, and the advert would not have worked without her resourcefulness and designs.

Loui has always balanced her role as Costume Designer with being her own Costume Standby, and has never once enlisted an assistant to help her – although I have no doubt she is capable of managing one. She has an excellent on set manner, instantly putting the cast at ease and always organised and prepared for the most unlikely situations. She works well with Costume and Production Design, always sending sketches and ideas through before the shoot so the 3 departments are unified. She has proved that she can create anything out of anything on any budget, (although imagine what she will do with one now!) She is so dedicated, and always forms an integral part of any crew.


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