Doubt On Loan

Doubt On Loan
Ian Aryeh-Thompson – Producer/Director/Writer
Arthur Mulhern – Cinematographer
Jane Brodie – Production Designer
Louisa Thomas – Costume Designer
Aden Turner – 1st AD

“Doubt on Loan follows the trials and tribulations of the staff at Shawcross Library and interactive centre with Anglophile and over-enthused American ex-pat Mia, wise cracking but self-conscious Nic Kempster, and goofily affable, but “on the spectrum” Eddie Fineman, as they overcome their warped sense of views and precarious judgments to make their library, friendship and lives work.”

All stills by Kitty Walker

Part of the TV pilot revolved around a fair few people dressing up as american-themed zombies, most of whom are above (see if you can spot Abraham Lincoln, Madonna, Uncle Sam, Supergirl and Elvis) My favorite by far was Mia’s zombie Statue of Liberty costume.

Below are a few shots of it in progress, I used second hand sheet foam, green fabric and a LOT of spray paint, and then flame retardant spray (safety whoop) to make this costume. I used foam rather than more fabric, as it would restrict the actresses movement in an amusing way, it would also make it a lot harder for her to hide/cover up* this might be considered a spoiler so just pretend you never read it….

And the finished article.

A lot of fun was had by all, and maybe some spray paint poisoning…

Full synopsis and crew list :

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Late last year in I worked on Jamie Stones NFTS graduation film Skyborn. I loved working with Jamie on the music video ‘make the bed’ for Tommy Reilly and his short film Sh-boom! and I jumped at the chance to be involved with this project…..

“Stranded in a foggy post apocalyptic wasteland, a father GIDEON and his son BLUE build a flying machine to see above the clouds. But Blue has lost faith in his father’s crackpot dream; their flying attempts are becoming too dangerous, and he is sure there is nothing but cloud in the sky. So Blue hatches a devious plan to keep his father on the ground…”

Post Apocalyptic wastelands are the kind of thing I dream about designing costumes for, the challenge of making something amazing but believable, you can’t just stick sticks or feathers on something, there has to be a reason (this is my personal opinion anyways, im sure there are lots of folk who would disagree with me) Every part of Blue and Gideon’s costumes has a reason to be there, for example – Blue’s costume has much more padding and safety straps than Gideon’s, because Blue is aware of the dangers of attempting to fly, whilst Gideon is focused completely on his dream of escape and seems to be unaware of the danger he is putting his son and himself in, and so takes no precautions. I would go into more detail but that would be kind of spoiling the film, so here is a big mix of my early designs and inspirations, with the final designs in the middle:

Some stills from the film (photographs by Kitty Walker)

Incredible Production design by John Merry

and brilliant make up by Haley Barkway

And the trailer:

see the website and blog for a full crew list and behind the scenes photos….

Whoop x


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talk talk talk

I  Joined twitter!!/deadfromtheback

that is all.

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Kodak commercials

A little before christmas I worked on a couple of NFTS Kodak adverts, these are small projects given to graduating students after they have compleated their graduation films. they are not ready for show yet, but here are some behind the scenes snapshots….

The first film I did was Jamie Stone’s Kodak, an ad for Virgin airlines. I wont go into detail here (as that spoils the fun I imagine) but I think from the photos you can see it contained a skydiver, airplane, airhostess and some suspension of belief…

Next came Arthur Mulhern’s Kodak ad, for HMV. This one featured many many costume changes, brilliant set design by Jane Brodie and a time traveling dog…

aaaaaaaaaannd here I am, laughing like a crazy witch on the set of Jamie’s advert, Arthur on the left (who filmed Jamie’s ad on the first day and then directed his own the next) and Jamie on the right. I have duct tape on my jeans because of the holes that reside there, and the coldness of the wind. It may have started to snow at one point….

all photos taken by me save from the 5th (Arthur) and the last (not sure). As soon as I can I will be putting the wee films up here for all to see….

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top five records #4

Again with the lateness of this thing, but I have been trying to obsess over my own work, rather than other people. However, there are a few things I wanna share this week…

1. This BEAUTIFUL James Jean print scarf by OVM. I worry that the day I start to make any kind of real money I will just spend it on paintings, french cheese and fancy scarfs….

Siren Silk Scarf

2. I know this is strictly two things, but I love both these songs so fuck it.


3. The sculptures of Lee Bul are breathtaking

4. The food blog makes me wish I ate in the mornings (a practise I really have to get on board with someday soon) just looking at all the beautifully photographed food, nom nom nom….

5. And finally the Lost Type website (Type type type all day and night night night)

“The Lost Type Co-Op is a Pay-What-You-Want Type foundry, the first of its kind. Founded by Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin, originally in a whirlwind 24 hour adventure to distribute a single typeface, Lost Type has blossomed into a full-fledged foundry, distributing fonts from designers all over the world, with its unique model. Users have the opportunity to pay whatever they like for a font, you can even type in ‘$0’ for a free download. 100% of funds from these sales go directly to the designers of the fonts, respectively. Lost Type takes no cut of sales, and holds no funds.”

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Letters of recomendation

I recently applied to a trainee scheme, looking to give people new (or newish) to the film industry paid placements in the field of there choice. Part of the application was to supply two references and in my last minute rush to get everything together i was blown away by the quality and some of the unexpected sources of the references i recieved.  Instead of letting these lovely letters rot away unseen in my inbox I have decided to display them here, on my website/blog on there very own page, at the top there next to cv…..

Nik Powell, Director, National Film and Television School

“We were extremely impressed with Louisa’s work, particularly on Jamie Stone’s digi fiction ‘Sh-Boom’ and his graduation film ‘Skyborn’ here at the National Film and Television School. The costumes are an integral part to the story and Louisa produced extremely professional results in both cases. We are very proud of both productions and regularly showcase them as examples of the student’s work. Louisa is a clear young talent and would really benefit from a skillset traineeship.” Nik Powell, Director, National Film and Television School

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I recently made a Ruff (ish…) As a present for my lovely sister…

Based on this painting by Antoine-Jean Gros of Madame Récamier. (Interesting lady, she was born at Lyons, in 1777, you can read up on her cool/turbulent life here

I took away the top layer (the most restrictive round the neck) but kept the 3 petal tiers, and added some vintage edging dotted about the place, the lace and edging where both chosen by my sister, from the amazing Cloth House fabric shops on Berwick street in London. I love going fabric shopping with someone when I am making them something, I get to wax lyrical about fabric for a whole day, its ace!Above is sister wearing the ruff, we talked about creating a straight up copy of the original, but she wanted a more higgledy piggledy version, less formal and more organic looking. Below is a close up of the beautiful lace…

I found that, to get the desired petal shapes, and to make them be visible and hold their shape I would have to add stiffer netting in behind them, but by using peach coloured netting I managed to stop the ruff straying into complete whiteness aswell as getting the petals done, two birds one stone etc etc

And here is the ruff on the inside, made to be worn over anything, I gave it two sets of catches, one to make it as tight round the neck as the original, and one that will sit more on the collar-bone. Sister and I are very happy with the ruff, I kind of want to make more now, possibly a crazy huge one, where you were unable to get onto a bus whilst wearing it…

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