top five records #5

This weeks treats…..

1. This illuminating little bit of science:

“The way the brain handles metaphors has also received extensive study; some scientists have contended that figures of speech like “a rough day” are so familiar that they are treated simply as words and no more. Last month, however, a team of researchers from Emory University reported in Brain & Language that when subjects in their laboratory read a metaphor involving texture, the sensory cortex, responsible for perceiving texture through touch, became active. Metaphors like “The singer had a velvet voice” and “He had leathery hands” roused the sensory cortex, while phrases matched for meaning, like “The singer had a pleasing voice” and “He had strong hands,” did not.”

The Neuroscience of Your Brain On Fiction –


2. The blog of Rhea Thierstein, maker of many of the amazing props Tim Walker uses in his stunning photoshoots, her blog is not only full of beautiful behind the scenes photographs, but also real information on how she makes some of these things, I’m not a prop maker,  but so much of this is useful to me, and its all incredibly interesting….

3.  This photo of a chap being rather dapper “Royal Air Force pilot getting a haircut during a break between missions, Great Britain c. 1942”

4. Making everything smell like Vanilla – candles evvverywhere…

5. This diy guide from for a little clay dish, the method could be used for a load of other things to… (conceptual ceramic armour? yes please)

Whoop. L x

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