Doubt On Loan

Doubt On Loan
Ian Aryeh-Thompson – Producer/Director/Writer
Arthur Mulhern – Cinematographer
Jane Brodie – Production Designer
Louisa Thomas – Costume Designer
Aden Turner – 1st AD

“Doubt on Loan follows the trials and tribulations of the staff at Shawcross Library and interactive centre with Anglophile and over-enthused American ex-pat Mia, wise cracking but self-conscious Nic Kempster, and goofily affable, but “on the spectrum” Eddie Fineman, as they overcome their warped sense of views and precarious judgments to make their library, friendship and lives work.”

All stills by Kitty Walker

Part of the TV pilot revolved around a fair few people dressing up as american-themed zombies, most of whom are above (see if you can spot Abraham Lincoln, Madonna, Uncle Sam, Supergirl and Elvis) My favorite by far was Mia’s zombie Statue of Liberty costume.

Below are a few shots of it in progress, I used second hand sheet foam, green fabric and a LOT of spray paint, and then flame retardant spray (safety whoop) to make this costume. I used foam rather than more fabric, as it would restrict the actresses movement in an amusing way, it would also make it a lot harder for her to hide/cover up* this might be considered a spoiler so just pretend you never read it….

And the finished article.

A lot of fun was had by all, and maybe some spray paint poisoning…

Full synopsis and crew list :

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