Late last year in I worked on Jamie Stones NFTS graduation film Skyborn. I loved working with Jamie on the music video ‘make the bed’ for Tommy Reilly and his short film Sh-boom! and I jumped at the chance to be involved with this project…..

“Stranded in a foggy post apocalyptic wasteland, a father GIDEON and his son BLUE build a flying machine to see above the clouds. But Blue has lost faith in his father’s crackpot dream; their flying attempts are becoming too dangerous, and he is sure there is nothing but cloud in the sky. So Blue hatches a devious plan to keep his father on the ground…”

Post Apocalyptic wastelands are the kind of thing I dream about designing costumes for, the challenge of making something amazing but believable, you can’t just stick sticks or feathers on something, there has to be a reason (this is my personal opinion anyways, im sure there are lots of folk who would disagree with me) Every part of Blue and Gideon’s costumes has a reason to be there, for example – Blue’s costume has much more padding and safety straps than Gideon’s, because Blue is aware of the dangers of attempting to fly, whilst Gideon is focused completely on his dream of escape and seems to be unaware of the danger he is putting his son and himself in, and so takes no precautions. I would go into more detail but that would be kind of spoiling the film, so here is a big mix of my early designs and inspirations, with the final designs in the middle:

Some stills from the film (photographs by Kitty Walker)

Incredible Production design by John Merry

and brilliant make up by Haley Barkway

And the trailer:

see the website and blog for a full crew list and behind the scenes photos….

Whoop x


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