Kodak commercials

A little before christmas I worked on a couple of NFTS Kodak adverts, these are small projects given to graduating students after they have compleated their graduation films. they are not ready for show yet, but here are some behind the scenes snapshots….

The first film I did was Jamie Stone’s Kodak, an ad for Virgin airlines. I wont go into detail here (as that spoils the fun I imagine) but I think from the photos you can see it contained a skydiver, airplane, airhostess and some suspension of belief…

Next came Arthur Mulhern’s Kodak ad, for HMV. This one featured many many costume changes, brilliant set design by Jane Brodie and a time traveling dog…

aaaaaaaaaannd here I am, laughing like a crazy witch on the set of Jamie’s advert, Arthur on the left (who filmed Jamie’s ad on the first day and then directed his own the next) and Jamie on the right. I have duct tape on my jeans because of the holes that reside there, and the coldness of the wind. It may have started to snow at one point….

all photos taken by me save from the 5th (Arthur) and the last (not sure). As soon as I can I will be putting the wee films up here for all to see….

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