I recently made a Ruff (ish…) As a present for my lovely sister…

Based on this painting by Antoine-Jean Gros of Madame Récamier. (Interesting lady, she was born at Lyons, in 1777, you can read up on her cool/turbulent life here

I took away the top layer (the most restrictive round the neck) but kept the 3 petal tiers, and added some vintage edging dotted about the place, the lace and edging where both chosen by my sister, from the amazing Cloth House fabric shops on Berwick street in London. I love going fabric shopping with someone when I am making them something, I get to wax lyrical about fabric for a whole day, its ace!Above is sister wearing the ruff, we talked about creating a straight up copy of the original, but she wanted a more higgledy piggledy version, less formal and more organic looking. Below is a close up of the beautiful lace…

I found that, to get the desired petal shapes, and to make them be visible and hold their shape I would have to add stiffer netting in behind them, but by using peach coloured netting I managed to stop the ruff straying into complete whiteness aswell as getting the petals done, two birds one stone etc etc

And here is the ruff on the inside, made to be worn over anything, I gave it two sets of catches, one to make it as tight round the neck as the original, and one that will sit more on the collar-bone. Sister and I are very happy with the ruff, I kind of want to make more now, possibly a crazy huge one, where you were unable to get onto a bus whilst wearing it…

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