top five records #3

Having missed these out for the last few weeks (a testament to how bad I am at sticking to a self-created project when I am busy with work) here are 5 things I am currently a little bit into:

1. Watching old movies for free with the Moving Image Archive, I haven’t had time yet to browse the whole archive but I am sure there are many gems hidden away.

2. This mushroom pizza recipe I never ate mushroom until maybe a year ago – just one of those leftover childhood fusses, but then I was given fried mushrooms with roast tomatoes and butter on toast by a friend for a hung over breakfast and I have been a little crazy for them since….

3. Discovering the wealth of costume information to be found on cosplay blogs and message boards. I often feel that where I am right now in terms of received income and equipment I straddle the line between compleat novice and professional. I am aiming to change that though, building up my equipment, knowledge and skill base until I feel I have both my feet firmly on the grown up side….

4. The artwork of  Atelier Olschinsky It’s just stunning

5. Aaaannd finally a little bit of Tumblr fun. I’ve had my own tumblr for quite a while now, its kind of like speed blogging; singular images, hardly any text, a mix of art, photography, things I like – silly or serious. It helps me keep this blog free of too much un work related stuff (although you could argue that everything is work related, as pretty much everything I put up there is inspiring to me in some way) I am going to begin adding sketches to this wee tumblr, things too unfinished for this blog but that I want to put out there incase it catches someones eye… I have also started a style (so to speak) tumblr called as I often find myself in a complete clothing funk when I try to get ready in the mornings and I wanted to make something that served as an evolving image folder for my fickle fashion brain….

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