top five records #1

a weekly list of 5 things – not necessarily records, that are new and of interest to me, usually found on the internet but quite possibly from life outside my laptop (the name an homage to the record label set up by Rob Gordon in High Fidelity, he is my neuroses made flesh-ish)

1.  This delicious looking Grilled Portobello and peach burger recipe from Design Sponge:

2. This lecture at the British Science museum given by Joanna Ebenstein curator of the Morbid Anatomy Library and all round interesting person. All about the history of the anatomical model, it’s from 4pm till 5pm and its free!

3. This fungi crop top from Leah Goren on Etsy (this site is good for the eyes, bad for the wallet) I bought it and I love it!

Fungi Crop Tank

4. The incredible music selection coming out of the Chances with Wolves playlists. They are a radio show in NY, and they make their playlists available on-line to listen to streaming. Best thing to listen to while drawing/reading/relaxing hands down (if you like old blues, soul, and a bit of everything like me)

5.  These two webcomics, one by Emily Carroll – who I have been a fan of for some months now, her work is designed to be read in webcomic format and is a dark and lovely all of its own

And the second by Michael DeForge I had not heard of him before stumbling upon this webcomic of his, but he is now added to the list of artists on the web who’s stuff I want to read and re-read all the time.

Whoop. x

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