Bird world – short film 2011

Bird World – Animation grad film NFTS 2011

Directed by Alastair McColl
Produced by Len Rowles

the anthropomorphic bird suits were designed and built to be rotoscoped over, hence the blue/red/blue/red wings – much better for keeping the feathers separate. The legs were designed and built by Maria Auburn.

Stills taken by Alastair McColl

Laura Swan – as main character Sparrow

 Jamie Stone – as the pelican (the beak is made of rubber, and can be moved open and shut, much to his amusement.)

James Thompson – wearing the crow outfit I think, it is hard to tell because of the light

me attaching wings to Anna Humphries, who filled in as all sorts of birds

the bird masks, 13 in total.

everyone was drafted as an extra at some point, heads and feet for all…

(for a full crew list feel free to contact me)

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